Online Poker: Move Up To Higher Stakes or Buy-In?

Aside from choosing the right online poker gaming session that will suit your current poker skills, one of the hardest decisions that a poker player will make is to move up in stakes or go with buy-in level. To be honest, there’s a big risk when a player made a decision to increase his or her buy-in level because if they do this at the wrong time, it might possibly cause a damaging effect on their poker bankroll.

So the question is, when is the appropriate time to move up to a higher stake or buy-in? Actually, there are mathematical and statistics formulas you can use and ways to follow in order to help you level up your poker net worth. Having a huge amount of poker net worth, it allows you to play at higher stakes. However, the decision whether you’re going to higher stake or buy-in will always depend on the poker situation you’re currently in.

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In addition, this article is written to help you sort out certain scenarios that will ease your decision making about when to go with a higher stake or buy-in.

Below are the following scenarios:

Scenario #1: Low Stakes VS Weekend Poker Players

Nowadays, most of the situs poker indonesia offer their players to play for free and practice their playing skills even with a limited fund on your bankroll. You can look for a free to play poker games on the platform as well as penny games which are usually available 24/7. For penny games, you can win up to $10 to $25 only if you’re a disciplined player, but if you’re not, you might lose a lot of money.

After playing these kinds of poker for a long time, you’ll feel that game become boring and tedious. Actually, even if you hit the “big jackpot” in these microgames, the winning prize you’re about to receive is only double-digit. Of course, if you like huge winnings, this double-digit prize is not enough to encourage you to stay in the game.

When that happens, try to make a next buy-in amount that will suit your current fund in your bankroll. You can try playing $0.01 up to $0.02 per cash games, or you may also want to try joining a contest with a huge amount of winning prizes.

Scenario #2: Intermediate or Advanced Poker Skills

Generally speaking, there’s a huge difference between being a poker hobbyist and an earning player. A poker hobbyist will play for fun and just to kill his or her time, for others, they called this “stress-reliever”. Regardless if they win or not, as long as they enjoy the game, for them it doesn’t matter. On the other hand, an earning player, play and join the game in order to earn a huge amount of money. So, in order for you to become an earning player, you should have an intermediate or advanced poker skill. If you have this skill,  you’ll have consistent cash flow on your poker bankroll. Once you have these cash flow, you can now make a decision whether to move up to higher stakes or buy-in level.