Hang your punching bag in ceiling mount

To get a bag around 125 pounds, swivel assembly and any chain will be strong enough to maintain the punching bag without leading to any sort of structural damage. These assemblies are fairly straight forward. All you’ve got to do is drill a hole at which you are currently attaching the bag. Then, insert the eye bolt (these include the bag) to the drilled hole. You attach the chain and swivel and then connect the bag to the string. Pretty simple. Now, you are ready to take out that pent up energy on the bag. Hanging the bag is another step. But, in your head you are a bit reluctant to hang such a heavy thing, believing that after you do so it’ll be ripped from the ceiling as a consequence of its mass and weight.

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However, in case you have got a punching bag that weighs more than 125 lbs., hanging it using swivel assembly and a chain can get you. To put it simply, most conventional chain and swivel assembly sets aren’t powerful enough to hold such a hefty bag and will eventually come loose and fall from the ceiling. For such bags, you will need to get another sort of ceiling mount to prevent any damage. All of Boring’s premier providers sell them, such as Ever last Boxing and Balzac Boxing. Instead of drilling only 1 eye bolt to the ceiling, heavy bag ceiling mounts consist of metal platforms into which 4 bolts are drilled into the ceiling to fightbest. The eye bolt is connected shifting strain and the weight from the eye bolt. This ensures that your heavy bag is safe enough to withstand the motion and pressure it will experience during workouts.

In conclusion, if you are looking to get a punching bag, do not think that you can hang any bag with any type of ceiling system. If you have a heavy bag it is worth it to shell out a couple of additional bucks to avoid doing Damage to gym or your home. Do not feel intimidated by boxing; it is a discipline. It is not easy to master but you can get yourself to a reasonably competent level by sticking with the training. Boxing will provide you a great all over body workout, help you lose weight and keep you in great shape.