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Hackers will prey on innocence, naivety and your confidence to discover your credentials. Accounts become compromised when someone finds your log-in details username & password into the account. You discuss your account details with someone you trust. As it is so risky, it is against the Terms of Use of Blizzard to talk about your account details. Your friend could pass your details that are log-in so forth, and to one of his friends. Everybody knows your account details, before you know it. There’s also no means of knowing if your friend has a protected computer; his computer may be infected by a Trojan/key logger which means your accounts is subsequently exposed. You may also fall out with your friend one day and he could choose to get even with you by stealing your gold and moving to a different realm.

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You purchase a power level handing over your own username & password into a stranger. Power levelling services are purchased, with cash, through a website, which is just another scam and earned money. As soon as you hand over your payment, and disclose your log-in information, your account will be stripped of valuables and the gold will be laundered through other dokkan battle dragon stone hack accounts this gold is generally sold on gold buyers. They will delete your characters, so when you have the accounts back, to do it all over again, that they understand.

You purchase, sell or trade your account. I will provide you mine if you give me yours, so to speak. The accounts will become compromised As soon as you hand over your account details. The man might seem be fair and friendly but you ought not to be drawn in by it. Bear in mind, they prey on hope and your innocence. You might even purchase a stolen account and it is probably the first owner will 1 day claim it back leaving you with nothing. You Click a link to a website directing you to a website which looks like an of War craft website. You log in the page with your account information. A fake website would be where you are given a whisper in-game saying you’ve won a Blizzard mount but you want to see a site to have the code for this.